La Jornada - Aggression against ministerial unleashed confrontation in Edomex: AMLO

2022-06-15 18:02:37 By : Mr. Davy Qiu

Mexico City.The violent day registered yesterday Tuesday in the country was due to the fact that in the state of Mexico the Ministerial Police tried to complete an arrest warrant and was received with aggressions, which sparked the confrontation, reported President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.Meanwhile, in San Cristóbal de las Casas, the presence of the armed group stemmed from a dispute over the market that included shock groups.In his conference, the president ratified the relevance of the shift in the security strategy to face the causes, against the demand of “right-wing” groups that want the logic of “confronting evil with evil” to be maintained.López Obrador rejected the claims of US agencies that organized crime controls 35 percent of the national territory"It's not true, we can prove it.There are states where there are no homicides.Half of the states do not have a problem of violence that is reflected in homicides and of the other half, there are 8 or 10 states where we have more problems in the case of homicides: the state of Mexico, Michoacán, Baja California, Zacatecas, Guanajuato , Sonora, Jalisco, 50 percent of the homicides are concentrated in 6 states.To an express question about the violence recorded on Tuesday, he regretted that these types of expressions of violence continue to be presented, but he limited their scope because in half the territory there is no problem with homicides and other crimes such as kidnapping have been reduced by 75 percent Throughout the national territory.He cited the case of Sinaloa where homicides are well below the national average as well as in Durango.“There is only one band.Most of the homicides, 75 percent, have to do with clashes between gang groups.There are only a few.This one from the state of Mexico that messes with the population a lot because of extortion, to dominate markets, collect floor fees, but generally the big gangs have to do with drug trafficking.He again claimed the viability of his strategy of addressing the causes, of offering alternatives to young people to prevent them from being hooked, because these actions will contribute to reducing delinquency.“It was in full decomposition.I insist that if you want to face a decline.There is only one transformation.If the same thing had continued, corruption, looting, abandonment of the people, of the young people, the country would be ungovernable.It is very difficult to live in the country, in these situations.Of course, better results cannot be achieved overnight.We are working".In this context, he once again disqualified the strategy undertaken by former President Felipe Calderón, who maintained as his right arm the then Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna, responsible for dealing with the problem and who is now imprisoned in the United States for having sold protection to a criminal group.“In politics mistakes are like crimes.That of declaring a war without having any idea of ​​anything.Without a diagnosis of what was happening, nothing more to gain legitimacy, thinking that with that he would look good abroad and that the rights would applaud him.This one has pants.I get us into a mess, he foolishly hit the hornet's nest with a club.Even wars are so important and so damaging and decisive that they cannot be left in the hands of generals."On the other hand, he announced that the Secretary of the Navy will soon give a report on the theft of containers in Colima because, he said, distorted information has been handled.The content they had will be reported because there has been talk of gold, silver and diamonds, in addition to the fact that they were extracted from the official enclosure that protects that dependency when in reality it was from some neighboring land that is leased for that purpose.Catalina's relatives block streets in Neza to demand her searchThey locate lifeless 3 people reported as missing in ColimaCompanies allocate "additional tax" to security issues: AmchamWith weapons, they dispute control of the market in San Cristóbal de Las CasasFGE investigates police murder in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero