Evaporative air conditioning for homes and offices that does not consume electricity

2022-06-15 12:51:09 By : Ms. Seven Tan

Your ecological gadgets blogEvaporative coolers have been known for years as providers of low-cost sustainable technologies.Requiring no electricity, these coolers have kept produce fresh from farms to tables, protecting against post-harvest losses in the field and food spoilage in pantries around the world.Now the concept has been applied to air conditioning.Design studio Manoj Patel, from Vadodara, Gujarat, India, has designed evaporative air conditioners that can cool a room for days on a single tank of water.The studio designs new products from recycled materials, and has built its air conditioners out of ceramics and stone, integrating them with potted plants.By filling rows of ceramic tubes with water, the prototypes maximize their surface area for optimal evaporation, while taking up little space.In tests, the units maintain a temperature of 23°C in a 32°C room.A reservoir at the top holds 15 liters of water that lasts between 10 and 12 days.Mr. Patel says the units can be manufactured quickly and locally, costing around (INR) ₹800 (US$10), which is less than two days' wages for semi-skilled workers in India.Prototypes include two styles, a larger one with a water level indicator and a self-watering system that drips from pots placed in a central cutout.The second is smaller, designed for transport and shaped like a cone on the side.A third version in preparation will be a refrigerated cage for pet birds.Mr. Patel plans to distribute the larger versions in his home state of Gujarat, where summer temperatures can reach a deadly 45°C.This cooling module will also be beneficial in remote areas without electricity, along with open public passageways (eg bus stops, train stations), urban vendors (eg vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, etc.), government sectors (for example, hospitals, institutions, offices, etc.).Placing this designed cooling module downwind will result in significant cooling.This is low cost carbonless cooling module.Posted in: Featured Articles, Energy Efficiency Tagged With: Save EnergyAnd how does one contact this genius, I would buy for my homeArturo Lopez Cossio saysExcellent, it would be very good if it were marketed, to buy at cheap pricesWhat a weak or null explanation of operation (typical of this medium)If this man sold it on Amazon he would make a fortune.I would buy at least 3 or 4 for my house.Too bad it will happen as always and the big companies that are dedicated to manufacturing and selling air conditioners will manage to silence him.Chapo for this man.deserves a statueYour email address will not be published.Required fields are marked with *I have read and accept the privacy policy *Copyright EcoInventos © 2022