The sabotage against Urbaser continues with the burning of a container island in Monte do Gozo

2022-06-15 18:02:40 By : Ms. Rayna Wang

Another container fire, this time in Monte do Gozo, left no room for doubt in the local authorities about the intentionality of this type of vandalism.The circumstances of yesterday's fire allow the Councilor for the Environment, Mila Castro, to be clear that it was an arson attack.The fire occurred at dawn, and affected containers that were separated from each other.The first impression is that it caught fire by throwing something into the containers, and that is why others around the most damaged ones were not affected.The flames were detected by the residents of the Agra dos Campos street, in the vicinity of Monte do Gozo, who alerted the Santiago Fire Station around 5:40 am.The fire completely burned a container for collecting containers and caused damage to another of the same waste and to one more paper container.The latter, being metallic, only suffered damage to its exterior.The neighbors of the six houses near this island of containers complained yesterday of the poor state in which this set of containers is usually found.They explained that it is common for cars that arrive loaded with waste of all kinds and bulky to stop to leave it outside the containers.They point out that it is an uncontrolled dump, and ask for measures.The containers are usually full and surrounded by garbage for days, because the collection is not daily and sometimes not even weekly.They say that people are often seen dropping off and picking up junk.New vehicle damageOn the other hand, the Councilor for the Environment pointed out that this Monday two wheels appeared punctured on one of the garbage collection trucks that provide service in the historic center.The damage occurred when the vehicles were in the company warehouse, located in the Polígono del Tambre.Mila Castro said that despite the attempted sabotage, the collection was not affected.This is not the first time that damage to garbage collection service vehicles has occurred.On May 26, at dawn, seven lorries were sabotaged, which made it difficult to start waste collection on the first night of the Ascension festivities.On that occasion, the cables of the hydraulic system of the trucks were cut.The quick action of the Urbaser mechanics made it possible to repair five vehicles that same morning and minimize the effect of sabotage on the service.© Copyright LA ​​VOZ DE GALICIA SA Polígono de Sabón, Arteixo, A CORUÑA (SPAIN) Registered in the Mercantile Registry of A Coruña in Volume 2438 of the Archive, General Section, on pages 91 and following, sheet C-2141.CIF: A-15000649.