You Are Going To Love These 10 Low Cost Rustic Homes!

2022-06-15 12:51:11 By : Maoye woodworking machinery

The rustic style is a decorative trend that remains in force thanks to the feeling of home, warmth, resistance, peace and relaxation that it provides us.Similarly, it is a style that in addition to allowing us to take advantage of the most natural elements (such as the use of wood in its natural color) is cheaper, and all thanks to the fact that many of them are easy to obtain.If you are a fan of this style, stay and check out the article that we have prepared for you today, we are sure that these 10 low-cost rustic houses will captivate you.Keep reading!Bamboo is one of the most used materials in the world for the construction of houses, and today it is used to build dividing walls, support structures, floors, and even furniture.Building with bamboo is not only economically recommendable, but also allows construction to be carried out quickly using canes of various sizes.Dome-type houses (like the one we present in this image), are considered ecological homes, and thanks to environmental awareness they are gaining more and more popularity.In addition, by not having load-bearing walls inside, the cost of materials is lower.The rustic style is given by the environment that surrounds the house.This rustic-style house has the particularity of being built with adobe blocks, which arise from a preparation of clay and sand mixed with straw.It is a technique widely used in different parts of the country and it can be given a final exterior and interior finish, which has the appearance of a traditional construction, that is, of those brick houses that we know, but at a lower cost.There is no doubt that the materials of the area are the most effective for the cost of a house to be low, since transportation is eliminated and helps to improve construction time.In the remarkable design of this one-story house, we see how the quarry stone is perfectly integrated with the wood, and the beautiful rustic appearance is determined by the combination of ceilings at different heights covered with tiles.Video: A Flash Within - Trailer (Dailymotion)This chalet-type house built in wood can be the perfect solution for a comfortable life in the countryside.From its welcoming entrance surrounded by potted flowers, to the exquisite combination of colors that have been chosen for the façade, they add an irresistible charm, don't you think?This rustic-style cabin has been designed for retirement and relaxation.To reduce the environmental impact of the work, stone materials from the region and mixtures such as "cob" were selected for both interior and exterior flattening.Similarly, some eco-technologies were proposed: gray water treatment and a dry toilet to promote its sustainability and autonomy.The stone cut in regular size, like the common brick, perfectly completes the rustic style of the facade of this small house.Container houses are a relatively cheap and fast way of building that have been tested for many years in different countries, which makes them a very valid option.The structure is already made, and in the interior finishes (generally) plaster partitions and ecological insulation are used that use little energy in their manufacturing process.This small house has only 66 m2 of construction, and its design stands out thanks to the peculiar shape of its roof.The simple garage with beautiful apparent brick finishes, give a rustic finish but with great visual appeal to the whole place.Modular prefabricated houses (like the one we show you in this image), are a great alternative for those families that are just starting out, since they can grow as required.These houses are transportable, quick to assemble, and at a lower cost than those manufactured by the traditional system.If you like the rustic style with a modern touch, this option is the one for you.