I’m a Dollar Store expert - my top five must-haves and one $1.25 item that'll make your home look more expensive | The US Sun

2022-06-15 22:34:48 By : Ms. Eva Lin

LUXURY doesn’t have to cost you.

Most dollar stores offer low prices on everyday items without sacrificing style.

Jessica, who goes by lifebyjessica on TikTok, is a lifestyle expert and loves to share her tips and tricks regarding all things makeup, skincare, Costco, and dollar stores.

She has tons of videos where she shares with her over 230,000 followers how and where to find great products at a much cheaper price. 

In a recent video, she reveals her favorite five low-priced products she found at a dollar store.

First up are two faux marble serving trays.

One tray is finished with a wood detail on the bottom, taking this simple serving tray into a more expensive piece.

The prices of both platters were not stated but on the Dollar Tree website, they have nearly 50 all under $2.

Just note that prices may differ based on store and location.

She chose the 19oz Shore Living Iridescent Pebbled Stemless Wine Glasses priced at just $1.25 per unit at the Dollar Tree.

These eye-catching glasses come in blue or clear and are perfect for upgrading your tasty beverage for the summer.

If iridescent isn’t the look you're going for, the Dollar Store has tons of other options all priced at under $2.

From stemmed to smoked, shoppers are bound to find the right glass that fits their style.

For popcorn lovers, Dollar Tree is selling a two-pack of its reusable plastic Popcorn Buckets.

These old-school-style containers are priced at $1.25 and are great for any home movie night.

The retailer also sells a larger version for the same price or a single-serve paper bag. 

Next up she showcases the Better Crocker clear container with a red lid price marked at $4.

The large container has a red seal keeping any food items fresh for longer.

Shoppers can also use these containers to upgrade their storage items for a more elegant look.

For those looking for something smaller or want a different color, the Dollar Tree has loads more to choose from.

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