2022-06-15 12:52:42 By : Mr. Paul Chen

It's been over a month since the Michigan State Police turned over their investigation of the death of Patrick Lyoya to the Kent County Prosecutors' office. Amid calls that the office was dragging out the process, a decision has finally been made.

Kent County Prosecutor Christopher Becker released its decision Thursday on whether Officer Christopher Schurr is being charged in the death of Patrick Lyoya.

After reviewing the Michigan State Police investigative report, the Kent County Prosecutor has reached a decision in this case.

The decision was given during a 3pm press conference at the Michigan State Police Headquarters in Walker.

At the press conference, Prosecutor Becker announced that after reviewing body camera footage, dashcam footage, cell phone footage, reports from the manufacturers of the taser involved and the police-worn body camera, and findings from the Michigan State Police, that Officer Christopher Schurr is charged with one count of second-degree murder. If convicted, he faces life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Back on April 25th the GRPD identified Officer Christopher Schurr as the Officer who killed Lyoya following a struggle in early April.

The revelation was made just days after Lyoya's funeral, where civil rights activist Al Sharpton used his eulogy to implore city officials to name the officer.


The city has released footage of the fatal shooting. The footage is culled from body camera, in-car camera, a cell phone, and a home surveillance system.

According to the GRPD, the video is unedited but parts of the video have been "redacted/blurred" for privacy reasons.

Also according to the GRPD, the audio from the video is entirely unaltered.

The footage shows the officer engaging Lyoya in a short struggle while wrestling with the suspect; when he appears to have Lyoya on the ground, the officer draws his firearm and shoots Lyoya in the back of the head.